Saturday, July 28, 2012

What's Saving my Life

Right now, my life is filled with joys and smiles, aches and pains, and connecting them all are common threads that are saving my life.

Truth is saving my life.
I lift my head and see truth when I press through fear and say, "no, this is not normal for a child of God. A daughter of the Most High doesn't act like life is over if things go wrong." It's in the question, "where is the hope?" and in the truth-filled answer of "The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand, is here, is advancing, unstoppable."

What's saving my life is the exchange of life.
The flowing out and the opening wide, letting the waves of life and love and loss all spill out and flow in from those standing beside me. When I say to a friend, "ok, this is what is really happening, and it's not fun." or "gosh, I don't know what to do with all this overflow of joy!" It's sharing life both ways, an exchange of life.

Knowing that my Father is with me always, is saving my life. And, He is always, always good. My life is being saved as I turn to Him and feel safe in His arms, leaning into the realities of what's around me, not knowing why, and yet knowing peace.

Conversation is saving my life.
Trusting my Father enough to know He will whisper and shout the truths to me, even when I plow through the messiness of a confrontational conversation with whoever is beside me, that is giving me life. It's because I know that regardless of the outcome, He can bring me to the place of truth, if I will open my heart to the realities and accept my role within His boundaries. 

Looking hard at what my motive really is, and then revealing that motive to whoever is beside me, is saving my life. In the same way, letting whoever is beside me probe into my heart and shed light into what's happening inside, what beliefs I am living out of, that saves my life, too. I have the great privilege of having safe people around me who will see my motives, healthy or unhealthy, give my motives their rightful name, then continue loving me and encouraging me forward.

Asking my Heavenly Father, "What do I need to know? Just show me that, You know the rest," that's saving my life. It's the choice that takes me away from the clutches of worry and fear and lets me lay my head down in green pastures.

Looking back and seeing actual growth, that's saving my life. I can remember my yesterdays, and see how I fully live in more and more joy as my journey progresses.

Knowing this is the year of "strengthen" and not of new frontiers (yet), finding who I truly am in the larger scheme of life, that's saving my life.

What's saving yours?

(inspired by Sarah Bessey, an amazing writer. You can read her blog here, she's been writing about what's saving her life and challenged readers to explore what's saving their lives. I'll be elaborating on each of the things that save me in the following weeks.)

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